Lori Seal has an amazing story, incredible leadership philosophies and such thoughtful perspectives on life, business and people.

She is currently CEO of Blytheco, a leading national reseller of software that she took over from the founder, Steve Blythe, at the beginning of this year.  He had been CEO for almost 40 years, and he hand-picked Lori! Prior to that she was the company’s COO for 6 ½ years. 

Lori was also a longtime executive at Sage, an enterprise software company here, so she’s been in software and technology longer than many of our audience members have been.  She has a lot of wisdom to share from her years there in a number of various roles.

In between Sage and Blytheco, Lori had her entrepreneur experience for a year and a half, leading an e-commerce SaaS and services provider.  We had many good conversations during that season.

Lori is one of the most enlightened leaders I know here.  She’s so caring about her people and shares her gratitude with them every day, and she’s committed to helping each person be their best and reach their highest potential.  I see her developing each person into the hero of his/her own story.  There is so much to learn from her in this conversation.

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