Katrina Ghazarian is founder & CEO of Gameday HR, an HR solutions provider to small and mid-sized companies. She recently renamed the company to reflect the perspective they have - "IT'S GAMEDAY... EVERY DAY. We're changing the way the world thinks about HR."  They offer both hands on consulting and an online subscription service.  Katrina unveiled the new name and her views on HR, people leadership, culture and other topics in our conversation.

She is also an advisor to the Professional Collegiate League, which works with college athletes to enable them to directly benefit from their talent and marketability.  This is a very interesting topic, which we discussed on the show.

Katrina is also a working mother and formed a consulting firm around that several years ago.  That eventually became part of EVA8, the prior name of the company until now.  She is also a partner in an LA community initiative called 5D United, to help with health and wellness in children in under-served communities.

However, I mainly invited Katrina on the show to share how she beat out her other 5th grade classmates to be named the funniest (as it says in her LinkedIn profile). Did you have superlatives in your 5th grade class?!?  She’s also a great podcaster with her own, called "HR Sucks", so I was hopeful that she’d have some pointers for me. We had a lively conversation across these many topics - enjoy it!

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