Doug Wilson is the founder, and currently the Chairman, of the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County, formed as a group of CEOs from some of the biggest companies here, working together to “build a thriving Orange County for all.” We talked a lot about the formation and work of CLA (as it’s known today). 

Doug is also an Executive Fellow at The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, an honor he’s received as a thought leader on the topic.  He’s also been the CEO of Next Solutions for over 30 years.  It is a consulting firm focused on significant value-add opportunities to the homebuilding industry. 

Doug and I both share a passion for assessments to aid personal development and team building.  He actually created one, authoring one called Your Style of Influence, an assessment instrument used to build high performing teams. It is used in many Fortune 500 companies and around the world.

Doug is well educated, with multiple degrees in psychology and theology, and even a Ph.D in psychology.  He’s taught, written extensively, and worked in and consulted in a variety of industries.  He’s so well-rounded and curious.  Our conversations are always deep and productive, and you'll see that in our conversation on here.

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