denise.pngHazime is the Founder of Prodoscore, a SaaS startup that provides productivity intelligence. Leveraging ML, AI, and NLP to measure thousands of daily activities across cloud tools already in place (like your office suite, CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Communications, etc.) Prodoscore creates visibility and drives performance and growth. They’ve seen a big surge during the last 6 months as sales teams have mainly been moved to remote, distributed home offices.  She's leading a growing distributed team and "eating her own dog food" at Prodoscore.  We talked about that a lot on the show when she recently joined me.  Prodoscore also closed a Series A round of funding in May. Troy Carter, famed investor, and entrepreneur, led the round.

Denise was previously Chief Revenue Officer of VIWO, one of the first Google Apps for Business providers, so she’s been in the cloud business application world for awhile.

She's clearly a good writer, too, as a multi-time author and member of the Forbes Business Development Council.

And like me, Denise is a Midwest transplant to Southern California, as she grew up and spent a long time in Michigan.

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