Dalip was a fun and energetic guest on Accelerate OC.  He is a super active and busy guy, with a full-time job as head of business development at Vincit, a contract software development firm, as well as a startup, Eva Smart Shower, and several other volunteer efforts at OC Tech Happy Hour, Tech Coast Venture Network, YEC and Forge 54.  Dalip is also involved with a new group here, Coded in OC, which is bringing together companies here who are developing software here in Orange County.  Dalip is getting more member companies involved.

He sold his company, Devise Interactive, to Vincit last year, which he started while he was still finishing his degree at Cal State Fullerton.  And he only finished there about 5 years ago!

Dalip is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council, sharing his insights globally on the Forbes platform.

Dalip is big on technology and purpose, so we always have a lot to talk about when we're together. He's a great representative of the younger entrepreneurs emerging here, who are interested in solving big problems and building their companies in Orange County. 

I love that he envisions a bigger thinking and risk-taking Orange County in the next 5 years, where entrepreneurs are comfortable and vulnerable to ask for help, and where we support each other and celebrate all that is happening here.  Let's all get on board with that vision!


One of the leading cheerleaders for the innovation ecosystem in Orange County is Bill Carpou. He is CEO of OCTANe, the leading organization in Orange County for the technology and medical technology business ecosystems, by connecting people, resources and capital.  During Bill’s 4½ year tenure at OCTANe, I’ve had the pleasure of serving with him on OCTANe's Board and seeing his great leadership propel OCTANe to heights never seen in its 16 year history. 

Bill has expanded OCTANe’s flagship annual events, expanded capital and growth services to companies here, and increased the organization’s job creation impact goals to 55,000 by 2030.  Through OCTANe he was responsible for launching a unique ophthalmology-focused venture fund, Visionary Ventures, that has garnered global attention. 

Before OCTANe Bill was a partner at 2 firms that helped businesses with growth and profitability, he was a senior executive for prominent private equity firm, Blackstone Group, portfolio company, and he was a senior executive for Ikon Office Solutions. 

Like me, Bill is a transplant to Orange County but has deeply committed to making it an awesome community.  He's involved in or supporting many of the great things happening here in our tech and medical communities.  He had great encouragement on here for folks to get involved.  Thanks, Bill!


Dan Rodrigues brought so much wisdom and perspective to our discussion today.  I loved how reflective he was on his entrepreneurial journey.  To share a bit about Dan –

He founded and is the CEO of Kareo, a SaaS company here in Irvine in the health care industry. Kareo is providing a kind of "medical office in the cloud" for independent physician practices.  He and his team have over 50,000 customers in every state and have grown rapidly over their history.

Dan has raised over $100M in capital and has over 600 employees at Kareo.  He recently added a well-known entrepreneur to his board of directors, Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dan for over 10 years and we’ve talked a lot about the company and his personal journey over the years. He certainly shared a lot of that in this conversation, and I hope the listeners appreciate how open he was with them. 

Before Kareo, Dan founded or co-founded a couple other companies.  He began his career at a couple well-known software and Internet companies, Visio and Real Networks, after he graduated from UCLA. Go Bruins!

Dan is a cheerleader for Orange County and has built a big family (5 kids) while building Kareo, so he’s super busy!  And so is his amazing wife, Kate!

Dan's words of wisdom at the end were 3 things: "You've got to love what you do, and where you do it. (that's how you'll persevere through the challenges you'll face)  You really have to be honest with yourself about the opportunity, and your true north star to believe in.  And you have to have the tenacity and resilience to overcome. (often the entrepreneur gives up on the business instead of working through it).  With those 3 things, you can be successful."   Great perspective and advice, Dan!


Andrew Lyon joined the Accelerate OC show and was a great guest and fun conversation. He is the founding Dean of the new Dale & Sarah Ann Fowler School of Engineering at Chapman University here in Orange County.  It’s super exciting to add a new engineering school here in Orange County, and especially at Chapman, which does everything in such a world class way.

Andrew had been the Dean of the College of Science & Technology there for several years, so this new engineering school is an expansion of the STEM work where Andrew is so passionate.

Andrew is also an entrepreneur, as the co-founder of a couple companies in the biomedical and therapeutics markets.  He’s active in our community as well as a board member of both OCTANe and the Beckman foundation.

Andrew spent several years in another innovation ecosystem, Atlanta, as chair of the chemistry and biochemistry school at Georgia Tech, a world-class institution.

He has great energy and excitement about Orange County as a destination for engineers to be trained, work, start companies and live and thrive.  

Listen to Andrew's tip to students to think about where they're going and how they're going to get there - "process over product." Great perspective!


It was a great pleasure to welcome Ray Grainger to Accelerate OC. He is the co-founder and CEO of Mavenlink, a fast-growing software company in the services business management and collaboration space.  

He’s also a graduate of highly distinguished school, Harvey Mudd College, where he’s been a trustee now for many years.

He was a Managing Partner at Accenture for nearly 20 years before starting Mavenlink, and that experience provided much of the idea kernels for starting the company.

Ray started Mavenlink in 2009, and over the last 10 years has had an amazing run in building Mavenlink, headquartered here in Orange County.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ray nearly the entire time he’s been on this journey and have been so impressed with his leadership and energy, and his support of the OC tech community along the way.

Ray has built an amazing team and company, and is doing his part to Accelerate OC!

Great quote he shared from Ernest Shackleton: "By endurance we conquer."  Such a powerful message! 


Michael has been an active member of the tech community here for many years as an investors, advisor, mentor, coach, cheerleader and entrepreneur.  He has been one of the most active and available people to startup entrepreneurs in Orange County.  He started the business incubator Fast Start Studio in 2012, which we talk a lot about on this episode.

He’s active with Tech Coast Venture Network, TIE Orange County, Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and he now teaches there as well as at Irvine Valley College.

Before all of that he was a super successful entrepreneur as the founder of AIM Mail Centers, which he started, grew and ran for 25 years before selling it in 2011. 

Michael is an amazing guy and inspires me every time we meet.



Scott has a huge heart for entrepreneurs and the Orange County tech startup community.  In 2018 he founded the Orange County Startup Council to provide a resource for the various pillars of the community - startup entrepreneurs, investors, partners and potential customers - with the goal to help startups thrive and grow here.  He is building momentum with it and helping to Accelerate OC startups!

He also hosts a regular startup founder mastermind group and is a member of Tech Coast Angels.  Join the conversation that Scott and I have about the many resources here and ideas to keep building our ecosystem.

Visit: Orange County Startup Council


Kyle is one of the most accomplished professionals in the mortgage industry, even at his young age, and he shares his experience and learning from starting Cloudvirga and growing it rapidly over the last few years.  He is absolutely one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative entrepreneurs in Orange County!

What's the biggest lesson Kyle has learned so far in this Cloudvirga adventure?

"The people. Invest in the emotional IQ of the people. What you have is a family, treat it as such."

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